Monday, May 7, 2007

Graduation Reminders

Attention all students who hope to graduate sometime in the next year or so!

You must file for graduation with the College of Arts and Sciences Recorder’s Office. Simply go to, log in, and click on the Apply to Graduate link from the menu on the left. For more detailed instructions on how to apply, see

If you have already applied to graduate but you have realized that you will be unable to complete all degree requirements by your stated graduation date, you will need to go online to re-submit the graduation application, specifying your new graduation date. Keep in mind that August graduates can still take part in the May commencement ceremony, so don’t apply for May graduation just because you plan to walk in the May ceremony. The date you specify should be the date by which you will have completed all degree requirements.

Please note that minors need to be on your degree before you graduate; they cannot be added once the degree has been finalized. To declare a minor, you will need to go to the department or school in which you are earning the minor. Let me know if you are unsure about who you need to contact, and I will direct you to the right person. The exception to this is the Minor in Business and the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. These minors can be declared on the Recorder’s website ( - the same place you go to apply to graduate).

If you have filed for graduation and will be using any transfer credit, it is your responsibility to have an official transcript sent from that institution to our Office of Admissions. You must then check to make sure that the credits appear on your online degree progress report and that they meet the requirement(s) you want them to fulfill. To access your degree progress report, log in to OneStart and click on Degree Progress Report (this should be located under the Academic Services heading on the self-service page). If you need any help reading the degree progress report, just let me know and we can go over it together.

Should there be an exception needed for your degree plan or if you have any questions about transfer credits, they need to be addressed well before the deadline for certifying your degree. If all your course work is not completed by the end of the month in which you plan to graduate (May, August, or December), you will not graduate and will have to wait until the next graduation date.

For more information about commencement, see