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Application to the School of Social work

As the deadline for applications to the School of Social Work is April 1, I thought it would be helpful to address questions you might get from students.   

Students can apply to the school after completing 12 credit hours. They must also have either completed S141 Introduction to Social Work, or are currently enrolled in this class.  

The minimum GPA to apply is 2.5, but if students have a lower GPA, they can submit a form that is included in the application explaining the reason for a low GPA and how a student expects they can raise their GPA.   We often accept students with a GPA below 2.5 if their explanation adequately addresses their academic progress. 

While GPA is important, we do not base admissions only on a student’s GPA and we do not start with the highest GPA and work down from there.  There are several components to the application and we consider all of them.  We also give more weight to grades in social work classes than, for example, a math class.  Finally, we do look at trends. If a student had a rough semester, but shows steady improvement, that is more important than the overall GPA. 

All applications received by April 1st are reviewed after spring semester grades are official.  Students learn if they are accepted to the school or not by late May.  This means that students will register for the fall semester classes before knowing if they have been accepted.  It is especially important for students who are sophomores to come to the school for advising so we can help them decide what classes to register for. 

If students have specific questions about the application process, please refer them to the school.  There is always someone available to answer questions.  To set an appointment they can call 855-4427. 


Thanks for your assistance.


Bruce McCallister

Lecturer/Student Outreach Coordinator

Swahili Flagship Program

Swahili Flagship program is a language program offered through the linguistics department designed to give undergraduate students a professional-level language proficiency in Swahili.

The program is open to all majors at IU.


Flagship students are required to take a summer and academic year study abroad in Zanzibar during their course of study at IU. The study abroad component is a cultural and language immersion that prepares students to achieve language proficiency and cultural understanding. Academic year program combines direct admit classes at the State University of Zanzibar and internship with local and international organizations in Zanzibar.


Funding is available for overseas programs and domestic intermediate S201/202 summer program.


Students wishing to join the Flagship program should enroll in:


·      Intensive Swahili S101/102 class at the IU Summer Language Workshop (June 9 - August 1, 2014).




·      Elementary Swahili class S101 and S102 in the fall and spring semester of 2014 -15 respectively.


Swahili Flagship Center is accepting applications for academic year 2014-15. Please contact us for more information.


See for more information and to apply.


Questions? Please contact or 812-855-3411


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AMID-C381 2nd 8 weeks class open to all students

Please see the description below of a newly-added 2nd 8 week course from Professor Wilson.


Students will need any form of digital camera and a jump drive.  Professor Wilson will teach rudimentary color mixing with water based paint - small cost to students for the material required here: two #8 synthetic brushes, small tube of red, yellow, blue, white water based quache paint.



I will be conducting an immersive second 8 weeks course on COLOR - how it is understood, how to recognize a color idea, how to generate color concepts, and how to grow a critical understanding of the role color plays in the formats of art, the built environment, textiles, clothing and in nature. 

This course will be able to train your eye to 'see' color in its relationships with other colors and how the human mind processes color. 

The course requires the use of photography to assist your learning of color ideas. 

AMID-C 381 MW 9:30 am – 12 noon in Memorial Hall 020E.

Kelly Wilson
Director IUCA+D
Associate Prof




              37243          09:30A-12:00P   MW     MM 020E   Wilson T                 15   15    0

                 TOPIC : Color

                 Above class meets second eight weeks only

Political And Civic Engagement (PACE) Coffee Hours

PACE ‘COFFEE HOURS’ -- IMU starbucks

Tues, 3/4, 4-7 PM; Wed, 3/5, 2-4 PM

·         Want to get involved in public life?

·         Looking to diversify your curriculum?

·         Curious about the PACE certificate?


Members of the Political And Civic Engagement program’s Student Leadership Council will be hosting "coffee hours" in the IMU Starbucks on Tuesday, March 4 from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. and on Wednesday, March 5 from 2 p.m.-4 p.m., where students can feel free to stop by and discuss internships, community engagement projects, academics and other opportunities available through the PACE program.


The Political And Civic Engagement certificate program is guided by a commitment to intellectual diversity, rational exchange, open-mindedness, civility, and principled political and civic engagement. The certificate is great match for any undergraduate student interested in learning more about what makes a democracy function, and how we can involve ourselves in civil society.


The PACE certificate can be combined with any major offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, and many others in the Kelley School of Business, SPEA, the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism, and even the School of Informatics and Computing. We hope to see you there! For more information about PACE, visit:



Joelene Bergonzi, Associate Director

Political and Civic Engagement Program -- PACE

Indiana University, Ballantine Hall 132

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planned Parenthood Job - Manager, Digital Strategy & Social Media

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Manager, Digital Strategy & Social Media
National Office - Washington, DC
For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has fought for a world where every woman has immediate and unfettered access to thebasic reproductive care and knowledge that is her human right. With its 68 affiliates managing nearly 700 health centers nationwide, Planned Parenthood provides family planning and reproductive health care services, education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people each year.  Now, as the leading reproductive rights advocate, health care provider, and sex educator for women, Planned Parenthood looks to its next 100 years.
Planned Parenthood’s Digital group is seeking a Manager of Digital Strategy & Social Media to join their team.  This Manager needs to think strategically and tactically about how Planned Parenthood can use digital and social media to promote its policy, advocacy, and fundraising goals.  He or she will also be responsible for the design, implementation and management of campaigns and digital materials for Planned Parenthood’s websites and social-media properties.  
Working with colleagues throughout Planned Parenthood’s national office, its affiliates across the country, as well as with outside vendors, this Manager of Digital Strategy & Social Media will help create innovative campaigns that support Planned Parenthood initiatives and engage supporters, ensuring that Planned Parenthood’s online political, advocacy, and fundraising content is relevant and effective.

 Responsibilities include:
 Digital Strategy:
  • Manages and executes various digital strategies for integrated digital campaigns for, advocacy-related microsites, and social networks.
  • Helps develop and execute strategy and the day-to-day program around Planned Parenthood’s mobile text campaign programs including interfacing with youth and action fund supporters.
  • Works with digital, communications, editorial and PPOL teams to develop strategies, content and digital tools to advance campaign goals.
  • Works with departments within the Public Policy Division and Information Services to develop digital strategy for their program work and campaigns.
  • Works closely with digital fundraising team to insure effective integration of advocacy and fundraising work.
 Social Media:
  • Manages and executes strategies and innovative content to grow social media and website audiences.
  • Creates content and campaigns for social media components including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.
 Campaign Management:
  • Ensures all digital advocacy and fundraising content meets campaign and organizational goals and adheres to brand guidelines.
  • Oversees execution of designated digital campaigns, including launch and maintenance.
  • Advanced knowledge of online publishing and the use of digital technologies for communication, education and advocacy including the design, producing and publishing of web content through CMS and a variety of web marketing channels.
  • Knowledge and experience working to develop and analyze campaign metrics.
  • Ability to handle multiple “priority” projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines.
Qualifications needed for consideration include:
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience developing and implementing online content and strategy for political or legislative campaigns; non-profit advocacy organizations or national organizing campaigns.
  • Experience developing digital campaign plans (long-term and short-term).
  • Five to eight years of substantial digital & social media experience with political, advocacy and/or non-profit organizations that includes managing Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.
  • At least one year of mobile campaign experience.
  • Proficiency with web-based content management systems, website and blog maintenance is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working online to organize diverse supporters and constituencies, including African-American, Latino and LGBT individuals is a plus.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Strong project management skills that includes meeting deadlines and deliverables with quick turnarounds.
  • Thrives in a campaign style environment with “rapid fire” deadlines and responses.
 Planned Parenthood Federation of America is an equal employment opportunity employer and is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment. Planned Parenthood of America does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values team work, collaboration, creativity, and building a diverse team.


Travel 0 - 25%
Expertise Advocacy / Political Affairs
Education Bachelor
Job Type Full Time
Location DC
Years of Experience 5-8 years
Preferred Language English

NEW: Study Abroad in CUBA This Summer!

NEW:  Study Abroad in CUBA This Summer!


APPLY by March 3 through the Office of Overseas Study (see link below)


GEOG-G 306

"Issues in Latin America, the Caribbean and Contemporary Cuba" (3 cr) Summer 2014 (First 6 Weeks, May 13 - June 20)


The first 3 weeks of this interdisciplinary field course take place at IU Bloomington, then with 2 weeks of field activities in Cuba from May 31 to June 15, and the remainder of the course in Bloomington.

Field Destinations:  Field work in Cuba will primarily take place in Santa Clara, but also includes Havana, Remedios, Sagua la Grande, Cayo de las Brujas (Islands of the Witches), Jibacoa (coastal community).

Additional information, including the course syllabus and link to apply through the Office of Overseas Study, is available at:


Course Description:

This is an introductory course on the physical and human geography of Latin America and the Caribbean, with particular emphasis on Cuba. 

Within a regional overview that anchors various disciplines across space and place, the course brings forth the dominant political, economic, social and environmental issues facing Latin America and the Caribbean and Cuba, while giving the students basic tools with which to analyze these issues.  Special attention is given to patterns of economic development, and the historical disputes surrounding colonialism, neocolonialism, and neoliberal and socialist economic policies.


The remainder of this course will be devoted entirely to Cuba with the primary objective of giving the students the opportunity to get to know the people and institutions of Cuba, while giving also giving them the background to objectively understand and analyze why the Cuban Revolution happened, how the Cuban state socialist economy and society functions, and how the reform process intends to increase personal freedom, decentralize politics and shift towards a mixed economy, while salvaging the positive achievements of the revolution.

Second Eight Week N&M Just Added: ANTH-A 211 THE GENETIC SCIENCE OF CSI

If you have students seeking a 2nd 8 weeks course we have added the following:



(course #37196)

M/W 5:45-8:00 pm

Instructor: Dr. Frederika Kaestle


Carries GenEd N&M and COLL CASE N&M Credit


No prior knowledge of genetics is assumed.

No prerequisites.


Need N&M Credit? Obsessed with CSI? Want
to know the science behind the forensic genetics
on these popular shows? Where are you leaving
your DNA? What can I tell about you from
your DNA (skin color, hair color, eye color,
height, disease, ancestry….)? How likely is it
that your DNA will falsely implicate you in a
crime? Will your next speeding citation include
being swabbed for a genetic sample? Is OJ
guilty? Who is buried in the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier? Is there

really tiger bone in
that love potion? Was that sushi you just ate


tuna? These and many other questions
will be addressed in this course.

General Information:

Increasingly, forensic science is
featured in the headlines of newspapers and lead stories on
television news. Even more impressive is its presence in
today’s television series line-up. This course explores the genetic science of crime
scene investigation (CSI) through the examination of popular depictions of the science
on television (e.g., CSI, Bones, NCIS) and actual forensic cases (e.g., OJ Simpson,
Casey Anthony, the Romanov family, King Tut). Topics covered will include standard human
forensic genetic identification, use of non-standard markers for unusual situations, analysis of
DNA to predict appearance and race, behavioral genetics, unusual sources of human DNA,
forensic uses of animal, plant and microbial DNA, accuracy and misuse of forensic genetics, the
use of DNA to exonerate the falsely convicted, the ethical and social implications of forensic
genetics, and the future of forensic genetics. Course readings will be available as downloadable
PDFs, grades will be based on course exercises, quizzes, participation, and short writing
No prior knowledge of genetics is assumed, and there are no prerequisites for this
course. Carries N&M credit.

Sony Scholarship Program

Sony Scholarship Program

The Sony Scholarship is the result of a partnership between UITS and Sony.  The Sony Scholarship will place the tools to succeed directly in the hands of a select few of our most deserving and exceptional students. The scholarship rewards the efforts of five current IU students who have achieved academically as well as have demonstrated financial need. Selected recipients of the Sony Scholarship will receive a Sony equipment package including a VAIO PC Notebook and related equipment, valued at over $1200.  The application is due March 21.  For more information, including the application, click here. Weekly Update: February 24 - March 2

Career Development Center and Arts & Sciences Career Services




1.            Hoosier Externship Program

2.            What's Next for YOU at IU?

3.            Geography, Geology, & GIS Networking Night

4.            Save the Date! 2014 Big Ten Conference Career Expo

5.            Parents Fund Internship Housing Grant

6.            Health Programs Fair

7.            Summer Jobs Fair

8.            Resume Submission Deadlines for On-Campus Interview

9.            Featured Job and Internship Postings

10.          Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn

11.          Benefits of myJobs



1. Hoosier Externship Program


March 17-March 21, 2014


Spring break plans? Want to gain some marketable experience? Apply for the Hoosier Externship Program! Develop valuable skills and networking contacts over break as you participate in a 1-5 day unique opportunity with employers in various fields.

To learn more, visit:




2. What's Next for YOU at IU?


Monday, March 3 & Tuesday, March 4, 2014; 7:00-8:30pm IMU Tree Suites South Lounge


Join us for a two night series of sessions designed to help YOU succeed at IU! You and your friends can attend up to two sessions per night covering topics such as internships, study abroad, leadership opportunities, and more! There will be free pizza for all & free IU T-shirt for the first 50 students to check-in.


To see a full list of session topics and presenters, visit our website at


To RSVP for this event, simply follow this link:



3. Geography, Geology, & GIS Networking Night


Tuesday, March 4; 6:30-8:30 p.m.

DeVault Alumni Center


Please join IU Alumni and professionals in the geography, geology, and GIS fields for an evening of networking and fun. Guest speakers will participate in a panel discussion focusing on their career paths, organizational opportunities, and sharing advice for students entering the world-of-work. An introduction to networking will be followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to mingle with the guest speakers.


Networking Nights is a collaborative event hosted by the IU Career Development Center and the IU Alumni Association. Its purpose is to provide students the opportunity to learn the art of networking through interaction with professionals in their field of interest.


Business casual attire (dress shirt, dress pants, or skirt) is appropriate for this event. Don't miss this great networking opportunity! To RSVP, visit:




4. Save the Date! 2014 Big Ten Conference Career Expo


Friday, March 14, 2014; 9:00 a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Union Station, Indianapolis, IN


The Big Ten Conference Career Expo is a unique opportunity for students from all 12 prestigious universities in the Big Ten to reach out to over 70 employers at one time and in one place.


To learn more, visit     




5. Parents Fund Internship Housing Grant


Deadline to apply: March 31, 2014


The Indiana University Parents Fund has donated $50,000 to assist with housing expenses for students participating in unpaid summer internships. Qualified students may receive up to $3,000 in grant funding for summer 2014 internships to help with rent and utilities expenses.




6. Health Programs Fair


Tuesday, March 11; 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Indiana Memorial Union Alumni Hall


The Health Programs Fair provides a special opportunity for students interested in careers in healthcare to find out about educational opportunities on our campus and beyond.  Students can meet directly with admissions representatives from medical schools and health professions programs, connect with volunteer agencies in the Bloomington area, and learn about majors, minors, and courses offered on our campus. 

Organized by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center, and co-sponsored by Applied Health Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Kinesiology, Nursing, Physics, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Speech and Hearing Sciences.




7. Summer Jobs Fair


Wednesday, April 9; 1:00 p.m. - 4:00p.m

Alumni Hall, Indiana Memorial Union


Students.Looking for a summer job? IU's Summer Jobs Fair is an excellent opportunity for students who are staying in the Bloomington area over the summer. Employers will be on hand to recruit summer employees to fill full and part-time vacancies on and off campus. If you are looking for a summer job, you will not want to miss this event!



8. Resume Submission Deadlines for On-Campus Interviews


Listed below are submission deadlines for the next month. To access the full list of on-campus interviews and view resume submission deadlines that you qualify for, log into your myJobs account, which can be accessed from  Once logged in, hover over "On-Campus" tab at top of screen; select "Interviews I'm Qualified for."


2/25 - Recruiter, Insight Global

3/3 - Stylist/ Sales Representative Position, Trunk Club

3/3- Investment Analyst, UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust

3/31 - Multiple Positions, Chicago Twenty Something




9. Featured Job and Internship Postings


To access the full list of postings and learn more about the positions, log into your myJobs account which can be accessed from; click "Student Login" and use your CAS username and passphrase to access the career system.  Once logged in, hover over "Job Search" tab at top of screen and select "Job Search."


Full-Time (Professional) - more than 373 positions currently posted, including:

- Creek Run Environmental LLC, Geologist/ Field Scientist

- AT&T, Retail Leadership Development Program

- Youth Villages, Behavioral Youth Counselor  

- Liberty Mutual, Risk Control Consultant 


Internships - more than 301 internships currently posted, including:

- Toys "R" Us Inc., Store Management Intern

- Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, Summer Program Director Internship

- Student Media Group, Spring Sales and Advertising Intern

- Live Nation-Indianapolis, Sponsorship Intern for Music Venues


Part-Time - more than 96 non-work study and 4 workstudy positions currently posted, including:

- Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, Volunteer Services Assistant

- WonderLab Museum, Gallery Activity Intern (Workstudy)

- Campus Corner Student Apartments, Community Assistant

- Speedway SuperAmerica LLC, Customer Service Rep




10. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn


Join the Career Development Center's Fan page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive updates on events and services, interesting career news, and much more.


LinkedIn: IU Career Development Center and Arts & Sciences Career Services--Group Page




11. Benefits of myJobs


Set up your FREE online account at myJobs is the first place to look for local and national full- and part-time job postings, internships, and externships.  Unlike large job boards, myJobs is restricted only to IU students, so you face less competition. Other benefits include:


- Participate in on-campus interviews for internships and full-time employment


- Search IU-targeted online postings for part-time, internship, fellowship, work-study, and full-time positions


- Access to events calendar: on-campus interviews, information sessions, employer info sessions, and career fairs


- RSVP for office events


- Obtain contact information for employers


For more information, go to:




You have received this email because you have elected to do so.


To UNSUBSCRIBE, log into your myJobs account at and check "no" to the list serve question on your profile or simply reply to this email with the text "Unsubscribe" and your IU username.



Career Development Center and Arts & Sciences Career Services

625 N. Jordan Ave, Bloomington, Indiana

(812) 855-5234





Health Programs Fair on March 11!




Tuesday, March 11, 2014

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Indiana Memorial Union – Alumni Hall


Health Professions and Prelaw Center 

Co-Sponsored by: Applied Health Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Kinesiology, Nursing, Physics, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Sociology, Speech and Hearing Sciences



Come find out about career choices, educational opportunities, and campus resources related to the healthcare professions.


Meet with representatives from medical schools and health professions programs from across the country.


Find out about volunteer opportunities and student organizations.



For information on the fair please go to

Friday, February 21, 2014

FleishmanHillard St. Louis Summer Internships

While at FleishmanHillard, interns have the opportunity to work with counselors to develop and execute traditional and digital media campaigns; write news releases, research papers, pitch letters and other correspondence; participate in new business opportunities; and coordinate events.


Applicants need at least a 3.2 GPA average and must have completed their junior year of undergraduate study, however, recent graduates are preferred. Applications are welcomed from students with concentrations in all major areas, but backgrounds in journalism, mass media, communications, public relations, and radio and television broadcasting are given first consideration. Experience in digital communications and/or media convergence is required.


If someone wishes to apply for the summer session, the following is what they will need to send to complete the applicant materials, which we would appreciate receiving by the March 1 deadline:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter expressing interest in the internship program
  • Writing samples (three if possible): Examples would be something written for a classroom assignment (press release, pitch letter, media kit), a campus newspaper or magazine article, or an essay, letter, or memo of some sort
  • Letter of recommendation from a former teacher, employer, or personal reference (teacher or employer are preferred)
  • Transcript (can be unofficial)

Students are encouraged to apply via the PR Internship position on our website


Please note our intern positions are full-time, (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday), paid positions.


Thank you for your interest in FleishmanHillard!


Best Places to Work 2012 | Ad Age

An opportunity for a 2nd 8W class on "What Computers Cannot Do" (CASE N&M Credit)

In 1984, the TIME magazine ran a cover story on computer software. In the otherwise excellent article, an editor of a certain software magazine was quoted as saying:

Put the right kind of software into a computer, and it will do whatever you want it to. There may be limits on what you can do with machines themselves, but there are no limits on what you can do with software.

A simple way of summarizing this course is that it is devoted to describing and explaining the facts that refute – no, shutter! – this claim.

In the 5 modules that comprise this course we will acquaint ourselves with the logical limits of computation, as they were conceived within the framework of the foundations of mathematics. We will get to know the standard model for computation, the Turing machine, and learn about problems that it can and cannot solve. Turning to physics, we will find parallel definitions for computability in dynamical systems and in spacetime theories, and use notions from complexity theory to reframe long-standing problems in the philosophy of mind about free will, creativity, and the mind-body problem.

Each module will be composed of frontal lectures, 2-3 writing assignments, and a group project that will be presented in class. Typically, these projects will consist of a digital presentation and an exposition of one of the concepts that will be discussed in the respective module, with an emphasis on its use and mention (or, as usually is the case, abuse and misinterpretation) inside academia and outside it in the popular culture. The course is self-contained and presupposes a mathematical background at the high-school level.