Friday, June 29, 2012

The Student Volunteer class -- Fall 2012

Fall 2012   --  EDUC U211 Community Development

The Student Volunteer

Course # 17285  --  2 credit-hours

Instructor:  Wil McCall

Fall Semester 2012

Mondays only, 4:00-5:20pm

Collins Edmondson Basement Classroom

A Service-Learning Course

Volunteer activity as a college student is more than a resume builder.  It can also provide a significant addition to your academic experience, increased personal growth and insight, a valuable service to the community, and lots of satisfaction.  The focus of this course is to provide a look at the history and philosophy of volunteer activity in America; to consider sociological, psychological, and personal motivators for student involvement in volunteer efforts; to experience first-hand involvement in service opportunities; and to reflect upon personal growth through individual volunteer experience.

Volunteer Experience:  Significant experience as a volunteer in a social service organization and personal reflection upon that experience will be required of each student.  Each student will be encouraged to seek their own placement sites based on their own interests.  Early class sessions with focus on identifying those possibilities.  A minimum of 20 service-hours of active involvement over at least 8-weeks will be expected during the course.  Journal reflections are based on service experiences and build upon one another.  No more than 3 service-hours can be counted per week.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Webshow Project

Here's an interesting opportunity from IU alum Kate Colvin...

My writing partner (fellow IU alumna Kalissa Mullis) and I are interested in writing a short webshow (either a short feature or a series of short webisodes) this summer. We need a director and a producer for this project and we were hoping that you might be able to help us by putting us in contact with video production students who are interested in outside experience and/or a semester-long video project for the fall. 

What we've written is a 15-to-20-minute horror script that requires two actresses and is written in such a way as to minimize production costs. We'd love to work with current IU students, and we're looking people to fill just about every role outside of screenwriter. We're particularly interested in working with students who work well with lighting and audio recording since the script is largely dialogical; lighting and sound will be pivotal to giving the short an atmospheric feel. Anyone who would like to get involved with this project can e-mail me so we can set up a meeting.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Automatic-W Drop Deadline for SECOND EIGHT WEEK Summer Classes

The deadline for dropping a second eight week summer class with an automatic grade of W is Monday, July 2nd.

You can drop these classes on Onestart using the eDrop system. Just log on to Onestart and click on "Late Drop/Add Classes."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Automatic-W Deadline for SECOND FOUR WEEK Summer Classes

The deadline for dropping a second four week summer class with an automatic grade of W is Monday, June 18th. 

You can drop these classes on Onestart using the eDrop system. Just log on to Onestart and click on "Late Drop/Add Classes."

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pass/Fail Deadline for Second & Third Summer Sessions

FRIDAY, JUNE 8TH is the last day to sign up to take a SECOND FOUR WEEKS class pass/fail.

FRIDAY, JUNE 15TH is the last day to sign up to take a SECOND EIGHT WEEKS class pass/fail.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27TH is the last day to sign up to take a SECOND SIX WEEKS class pass/fail.

MONDAY, JULY 9TH is the last day to sign up to take a THIRD FOUR WEEKS class pass/fail.

If you are interested in taking a class pass/fail, please stop by my office (in the CMCL building at 800 E. 3rd Street, room 259) so we can complete the required paperwork.

Here is some information about the pass/fail option from the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin ( "During their undergraduate program, students in good standing (not on probation) may enroll in a maximum of eight elective courses to be taken with a grade of P (Pass) or F (Fail). The Pass/Fail option is available for a maximum of two courses per academic year, including summer sessions. For the Pass/Fail option, the academic year is defined as beginning with the start of the fall semester and ending with the end of the second summer session. The course selected for Pass/Fail must be an elective (i.e., it cannot fulfill requirements other than the minimum 122 hours required for the degree, but it can be used to meet the requirement for courses at the 300–400 level). It may not be used to satisfy any of the College of Arts and Sciences Foundations, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, Breadth of Inquiry, Culture Studies, or Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences requirements. Nor may it be counted as a part of the student’s concentration area, minor, or certificate program. During the freshman year, students may elect to take activity courses in the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation on a Pass/Fail basis in addition to the two other permitted courses."