Friday, May 4, 2007

Great Fall 2007 Elective Course: SLIS-L 416 Individual in the Information Age

All Majors Welcome! Note: This class counts as an elective outside the College of Arts and Sciences.

SLIS-L 416, class #28331 -- Individual in the Information Age (3 credits)

Teacher: Wayne Buente, SLIS Ph.D. in Information student
email Wayne with questions (

Time: Monday and Wednesday, 2:30pm-3:45pm

No prerequisites or computer experience necessary

Course Description Excerpt:
During the semester, we will examine the applications of the living web such as Google, MySpace, Facebook and Flickr, among others, and explore their impact on our information environment. We will also review the contribution of virtual worlds and interactive gaming environments and how the "real" links to the "virtual".

For further information, please view the course flyer online.

Also, check out the course website here: