Friday, May 4, 2007

Labor Studies Online Summer Classes

NOTE: These courses count as electives outside the College of Arts and Sciences. Students majoring in CMCL are limited in the number of credits they can take outside the College, so make sure that you have room for an elective like this before signing up (e-mail me at if you’re not sure).

The Division of Labor Studies (DLS) is offering 10 online courses this summer, using original Oncourse. These courses may be ideal for many students who are out-of-state during the summer.

Summer 2007 Online DLS Courses:
Four courses (LSTU-L 100, L101, L110, and L201) run First Summer Session (May 11 – June 21)
Five courses (LSTU-L 100, L110, L201, L205, and L290) run Second Summer Session (June 29 – August 9)
One course (LSTU-L 385) runs First and Second Summer Sessions (May 11 – August 9)

For course descriptions and sections numbers, please see: