Friday, May 4, 2007

Latin American Summer Course and Fall Language Courses

Instructor: Kevin Coleman
Daily: 11:45 am- 1 pm at BH 241

This course offers an introduction to Latin America: its geography, heritage, and the historical transformations of the region from the pre-Columbian civilizations to colonies and nations.

To better understand the social worlds of the colonial Latin America, we will read, discuss, and write about the three major themes of this course: conquest, colonization and independence. Our readings will be balanced roughly equally between analyzing primary source documents and critiquing interpretative accounts written by contemporary historians. We will also view and interpret films dealing with select topics of the course

The course carries Cultural Studies credit and it is open to undergraduates only.

FALL 2007- LANGUAGE COURSES: Quechua, Haitian Creole and Yucatec Maya

LTAM Q101/Q 501 QUECHUA I (undergrad section # 27483- 4 credits , graduate section # 28376- 3 creditsL527 )
Instructor: Francisco Tandioy
MWTH 5:45- 7 pm, SY 105

CLACS is offering 4 consecutive semesters of Inga (dialect of Quechua). Undergraduate may enroll in LTAM Q101, and graduate students in LTAM Q501 for the Fall semester of 2007

Inga is spoken in Colombia and Ecuador; it is the northernmost dialect of the grand Quechua family of languages that has some 13 million speakers. This class features Inga language instruction as well as exposure to such cultural elements as community organization, traditional medicine, food, myths and legends, music and song, arts and crafts.

Francisco Tandioy is a native speaker of Inga and doctoral student at IU.
NOTE for advisors and students: THERE IS NO pre-requisites for LTAM Q101/Q501, and freshman are welcome. However, this option requires a deep interest in the peoples, language and cultures of the Andes and adjacent lowlands of South America, and should be especially valuable for students who already have knowledge of one of the other languages spoken in South America. A student who reaches the fourth semester proficiency in Inga will be allowed to use that proficiency for the College B.A. language requirement

LTAM L426/L 527 QUECHUA III (undergrad section # 28125, and graduate section #28131)
Instructor: Francisco Tandioy
MWTH 5:45- 7 pm, SY 105

This course is opened for those students who had completed Quechua I and II

LTAM L 425/L527 HAITIAN CREOLE I (undergraduate section 28849- 4 credits; grad section 28851- 3 credits)
Instructor: Nicolas Andre
MTR 7:30-8:45 pm, BH 240

Discover the most widely used French-based Creole language in the world and the true national language of Haiti that provides into the fascinating culture of that country.

Haitian Creole is the only language for 90% of the population of Haiti. It is an essential means of communication for all persons who need to engage in direct contact with the Haitian people and the members of the large Haitian Diaspora in the USA.

Haitian Creole I will develop a basic proficiency in the language. It will also provide an introduction to the rich, African-based folk culture and religion (voodoo) of the world’s first black republic.

Nicolas Andre is a native speaker of Haitian Creole and doctoral student at IU

NOTE for advisors and students: Undergraduate students may meet College B.A. language requirement by completing Haitian Creole I, II, III and IV.

LTAM L 425/L527 HAITIAN CREOLE III (undergraduate section 28850- 4 credits; grad section 28852- 3 credits)
Instructor: Nicolas Andre
MR 7:30-8:45 pm, BH 240

Haitian Creole III will develop intermediate-level skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It will provide a review of the structure of the language, deal with issues related to economic, educational, and social development in Haiti, and offer an introduction to Haitian history, folklore, and literary texts.

This course is opened to students who had completed Haitian Creole I and II

LTAM L425/L527 Yucatec Maya III (undergraduate section 28126 ; grad section 28132)
Instructor: Dr. Quetzil Castenada
4:00-5:15 pm TH GY 447

This course is opened to students who had completed Yucatec Maya I and II