Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hutton Honors College International Experiences Program Grant

The IEP is a grant for high-achieving IUB undergraduates pursuing educational endeavors abroad. Students DO NOT have to be enrolled in the Hutton Honors College. Awards are made to students for study abroad, internships, volunteer service, student teaching, or research. Awards can be up to $2,500, but the amounts are determined based primarily on the time spent overseas. Over 80% of those who apply have received funding from the IEP grant!

Summer grants: Last Friday before Spring Break
Fall & Full-year grants: Friday after Spring Break
Spring & Winter-break grants: October 31, 2007

To check your eligibility please review the following questions:
* Are you a full time IU Bloomington Undergraduate student?
* Do you have a 3.3 cumulative or 3.7 major GPA?
* Are you traveling to a country that is not listed on the State Department's travel warning list?
* Will you complete your travels before your official IU graduation date?

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