Thursday, August 23, 2007

Math Tutor Available for Math Fundamental Skills Courses

Anxious about your math class?
Let me help you earn the grade you desire!
Individualized instruction to cater to YOUR learning style through tutoring by Rebecca Dilger

· Earned Masters Degree in Mathematics from Indiana University with a teaching
certificate and teaching award
· Recommended by math faculty
· Over six years experience
· Previously taught the following math courses: X018, M025, M014, J111, T102, J110
· Individual or small group sessions (no larger than 3)
· Energetic and encouraging
· Native English speaker
· Available for tutoring: M118, M119, M014, M025, D116, D117, X018, J111, J112, J110,
T101, T102, T103, others, please e-mail to ask

Contact Rebecca through e-mail (preferred): or cell: (812) 345-2664

Comments from previous students:
Becca has helped me through a year and one-half of math. I don't know how I would have survived without her help. She has clarified many previously fuzzy concepts and prepared me for numerous exams and has helped me raise my grade from a borderline pass to the A-/B+ level. She is extremely patient and with Becca there is no such thing as a stupid question! She is absolutely fantastic, no one is better. I would recommend her highly. ~K.B.

Becca was EXTREMELY helpful, the best money I ever spent. She taught me three chapters, a total of 24 lessons, in one hour. It took my AI 4 weeks to teach this. ~B.M.

While working with Becca, my confidence in the material went way up. Becca evaluated my areas of difficulty and focused our sessions on developing those skills and reinforcing key concepts. When I began working with Becca, my math grades soared. They improved in a few weeks from "D's" to "A's" and "B's". Becca built my confidence, has a kind correcting nature, and always leaves you feeling optimistic (which is priceless if anyone has been in the position of not understanding something they will soon be tested on). ~J.G.

Becca’s passion for math, her compassion for her students, and her availability earn Becca a 10/10. ~Anonymous student teaching evaluation

My grade on my final exam was an A- after previously getting C's and D's. ~N.A.

Becca was by far the most helpful teacher I have had here at IU. She was enthusiastic about the material. ~Anonymous student teaching evaluation

Becca was great. My friend and I were talking afterwards and we said that we wanted to switch into her section. She explained things much better than our teacher, who is the course coordinator. ~(student in a class Becca substituted for)

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