Monday, July 28, 2008

The Screenwriter's Boot Camp

The Course
Expand your knowledge, comprehension and technique of the screenplay and the art and craft of screenwriting U.K.based screenwriting Ron Aberdeen will be guiding a tour of screenwriting techniques, updating classic storytelling conventions with a focus on new marketing tools of the craft. This course will help writers create, prepare, write, rewrite and approach their screenplay with more control and creativity. Ron Aberdeen's analysis and practical approaches to the craft are poignant, simple, fresh and inspiring.This event is ideal for aspiring and intermediate screenwriters. It is also an excellent refresher course for professional writers who wish to sharpen their screenwriting tools.

The Schedule
The course will include an overview of the screenwriting process, the nature of dramatic structure in films, setting up the story, the tools and elements that create good characters, the nature of conflict, as well as hint on how to market your screenplay.

Who is Ron Aberdeen
Ron is a U.K. based screenwriter. Ron began writing late in life. Ron received his first commission to pen a feature script, ‘Bloody Wicked’, for the established Canadian 'Horror' Director/Producer, David DeCoteau of Rapid Heart Films. Simon Foster of Covent Garden Films, commissioned Ron to write a Sci-Fi Horror feature, ‘The Darkness’, after he also read his work on InkTip. Ron had the honor of having Triggerstreet's Screenplay of the Month

Ron was also was employed by LA director Andy Lauer, to be the story editor on developing his prize winning short, ‘Little Cuba’ into a feature.In Ron has 12 other screenplays under active option.He is 63, well travelled and was previously a CEO for an international machine manufacturing company and a marketing executive for the Sony Corporation

Why, When and Where
This seminar is being offered by The Indy Film Co-op as part of The B Movie Celebration being held in Franklin Indiana September 26th-28th

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