Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Got Access Seeking Communications Intern

Got Access is interested in hiring a Communications student intern to help send out Press Releases and launch a new social technology platform, GotAccess.com.

Got Access is a brand new way to use the internet which provides an innovative way to socialize on the internet just like you do in the real world. Unlike other platforms, Got Access’ goal is to provide a safe, and private place for users to socialize, store, information, and interact online. Got Access provides the user total control over their privacy and content. The user owns all content on their Got Access website. In Got Access the user’s content remains the sole and exclusive property of the individual user. (Whatever happens on Got Access, Stays on Got Access).

They are looking for a part time communications intern to assist with a range of communications projects. Recent graduates with a degree in communications, public relations, marketing, or related field are encouraged to apply. Advanced undergraduate students are also encouraged to apply. Projects may include:

* Assisting in building and advertising outreach programs/ events

* Spreading the word about GotAccess.com

* Assisting with mailings and media outreach.

* Writing press releases

* Planning special events

For more information, contact

Jill Cheatham
Executive Assistant
Email: jillc@gotaccess.com
Mobile: (812) 320-8237