Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 24 underground/City Lights double feature

Hello all, this week is the final underground/City Lights screening of the semester, and we have another of our regular double features. City Lights will be screening King Vidor's classic silent film _The Crowd_, followed by the underground presentation of Warren Sonbert's 1971 film _Carriage Trade_. We hope you can make it out for this special screening!
Sonbert's longest film is a dense, intricate montage of images he shot on travels across America and around the world. Sonbert's montage is consciously non-didactic, in opposition to classical Soviet theories of montage. Instead, any hints of narrative or politics in his images are subordinated to editing itself, which is built around an extensive series of visual puns and echoes that work across the entirety of the film. The result is a rigorous formalism that, by challenging us to build our own connections between and among shots, confronts the biases and prejudices inhabiting the modes of cinematic perception to which we have become accustomed. (61 min.)
The underground film series is sponsored by Indiana University's Department of Communication and Culture. All screenings are on alternating Fridays at 7 p.m. in room 251 of the Radio-TV building on the IU campus. All screenings are free and open to the public, and free parking is ample in the lot adjacent to the building, provided you clearly display an underground flyer on the dashboard of your vehicle.