Monday, April 13, 2009

Bloomington Dyslexia Study

Dear Bloomington Community Members,

Yasmiyn Irizarry, an instructor for the Liberal Arts and Management
Program, has designed this study in collaboration with 23 students
enrolled in her statistics course this semester and Pinnacle School
located here in Bloomington. We are recruiting volunteers for our
study called: Exploring the Knowledge and Perceptions of Dyslexia.

The purpose of this study is to: (1) provide undergraduate students
enrolled in her statistics course with an opportunity to learn the
research process through hand-on research; (2) Explore and test
hypotheses regarding peoples knowledge of and attitudes regarding
dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Students will learn how to
develop and test research hypotheses, how to recruit participants for
a study, how to analyze and present data, and how to make sense of
their results in light of existing knowledge. The findings of this
analysis will be presented to and used by Pinnacle School.

The survey takes approximately 10-12 minutes to complete. Below is a
link which will take you to the online survey. Please follow this link
or go to the URL below and follow the online survey instructions. The
last day to participate will be April 16, 2009.


Any questions about the administration of the survey may be directed
to Yasmiyn Irizarry at

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important project.


Yasmiyn Irizarry


Yasmiyn Irizarry

PhD Candidate and Instructor
Department of Sociology
Liberal Arts and Management Program