Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another interesting fall course: GLLC-G210 Global Jazz

GLLC-G210 (28686) Global Jazz (3 cr.) (A&H)
(MWF, 11:15-12:05, FQ012A) Paul Schauert

This class will explore the cultural processes, concepts and components of globalization (i.e. modernity, media, hybridity, cosmopolitanism, trans/nationalism, etc.) through the lens of jazz music. Overall, students will gain an insight into how various musical and extra-musical (political, social, economic, religious, etc.) aspects of culture have been exchanged through the language of jazz. This class will also explore how various musicians use jazz to form identities, which often
challenge and reaffirm national and ethnic boundaries. Moreover, since the exportations of jazz often act as symbols for the United States in general, students will explore the ways in which the political, social, and economic ideals of “America” have been both contested and accepted as this music becomes woven into the social fabric of various communities around the globe. Students will have a chance to express themselves in weekly journal entries, musical compositions, and/or audio and visual documentary projects. Formal training in music is not required.