Thursday, August 26, 2010

Applied Health Science Open Classes

The following popular HPER courses still have openings for fall. All of these courses count as electives OUTSIDE the College of Arts and Sciences, so these courses are not good choices for students who have already exceeded the limit for credits outside the College.

HPER N220 (Section 27785) Nutrition For Health 4:00-5:15 MW
HPER F255 (Section 13693) Human Sexuality 5:45-8:15 W
HPER F258 (Section 21514) Marriage and Family Interaction 5:45-7:00 TR
HPER H318 (Section 13745) Drug Use in American Society 11:15-12:05 MWF (also 4:00-5:15 TR-Section 20910)
HPER H220 (Section 16851) Death and Dying 2:30-3:45 TR
HPER H235 (Section 18625) Obesity and Health 9:30-10:45 TR
HPER H263 (Multiple sections) Personal Health
HPER H305 (Several sections) Women’s Health
HPER H306 (Several sections) Men’s Health
HPER S217 (Section 13950) Safety: A Personal Focus
HPER S317 (Section 13951) Preparing for Natural Disasters 5:45-8:15 MW 2nd 8 weeks
HPER S317 (Section 13952) Chemical Safety For Consumers 4-6:30 TR 2nd 8 weeks