Tuesday, October 11, 2011

International Internships through AIESEC


AIESEC Indiana is offering you the opportunity to find internships abroad! We offer internships for undergraduate students, recent graduates, and graduate students. AIESEC was created to promote unity after international conflicts due to WWII. To achieve unity, we send students abroad on international internships established by local committees in the respective countries. At the same time, our local committee works on creating opportunities here for international students with local corporations. AIESEC works with many large corporations such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, UBS, and Nike. We are the largest student-run organization in the world, and operate in 111 countries with more than 60,000 active members and more than 940,000 alumni. AIESEC offers students the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.

We offer more than 8,500 internships in four areas: Education, Management (Business), Technology, and Development (NGO work, etc.). These internships range from 6 weeks to 18 months, and some of them, mostly Technical and Management, are paid. We are currently looking for students who are willing to leave for this Spring Semester (January-May or longer, 2012). If you are required to have an internship for your degree, if you talk to your advisor it is possible to receive credit for an internship abroad so that you are not missing an entire semester. However, we also will be offering summer internships in the spring and will be holding info sessions then.

If you or anyone you know are interested in expanding your skills in leadership, getting job experience before you enter the working world, and want to travel, please come meet us in our office hours! They will be held in the Bryan Room in the IMU (See below for instructions for getting there and times) throughout the semester. If you cannot make it to these, and wish to learn more later or have a specific question, please email us at aiesecogx123@gmail.com , visit our website at www.indiana.edu/~aiesec , or just visit the international website of AIESEC for more basic information at www.aiesec.org. Also, like our page on Facebook! It’s called AIESEC Indiana Exchange 2011-2012.

Thank you,
AIESEC Indiana

Office Hours:
Bryan Room- Take the elevator across from the Starbucks in the IMU and take it to the 7th floor. Then, take the first door on the left (marked exit) and take the stairs to the 8th floor. The Bryan Room is at the end of the short hall.
Times: M- 12pm-3pm Th- 5pm-6pm