Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Beinecke Scholarship Program

The Beinecke Scholarship Program
A Program of the Sperry Fund
IU Deadline: January 20, 2012
National Deadline: February
24, 2012
The Beinecke Scholarship is for graduate study in the arts, humanities and social sciences. This program encourages highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them and to be courageous in the selection of a graduate course of study. Each scholar receives $4,000 immediately prior to entering graduate school and an additional $30,000 while attending graduate school. There are no geographic restrictions on the use of the scholarship, and recipients are allowed to supplement the award with other scholarships, assistantships and research grants. Scholars are encouraged to begin graduate study immediately following their undergraduate studies. However, the award must be utilized within 5 years of completion of undergraduate studies. For additional information and scholarship conditions see
To be eligible for consideration a student must:
•be enrolled full-time as a junior with plans to receive a baccalaureate degree the following year and be nominated by the student's university
•plan to enter a masters or doctoral program in the arts, humanities or social sciences (Students in the social sciences who plan to pursue graduate study in neuroscience should not apply for a Beinecke Scholarship.)
•demonstrate superior standards of intellectual ability, scholastic achievement and personal promise during his or her undergraduate career
•be a United States citizen or a United States national from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
•have a documented history of receiving need-based financial aid during his or her undergraduate years
(The student will need to complete a Financial Data Sheet certifying the student meets the need criteria.)
Each college or university may nominate only one candidate for the national competition. To be considered for selection as IUB's candidate, eligible students must complete and submit a nomination package. The nomination forms are available on-line at Please send your completed application materials to Elaine Hehner at the Hutton Honors College, 811 E. 7th St., Room 210E.
The candidate should submit:
• A Financial Data Sheet to be completed by the student and certified by a financial aid officer stating that the student qualifies for need-based financial aid
• A completed Application Form
• A Personal Statement of 1000 words or less
• Three letters of recommendation
• An official copy of the nominee's transcript
• A current resume
• Other material considered directly relevant to the nominee's application