Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Radio Show Seeks Creative Writers and Sound Artists

American Student Radio, a nationally syndicated radio initiative based at Indiana University, is seeking creative non-fiction writers and sound & music artists for a new show, The Re:Collection. The radio show looks at pieces of art from museums across the nation and finds the story behind it. With the story in hand we tell that story through short, surprising narrative monologues with layers of found sounds (e.g. 1930s radio broadcasts) and music. Our goal is take our audience on mini-audio vacations while creating imaginative interactions between audiences and art.
This is a great opportunity to get professional experience and publish creative work on a national project.
Take a listen to this similar podcast to get a better idea of what we’re doing, and if you’re interested, email Barton Girdwood at for more information.
:::Where do you come in?:::
·      Creative Non-Fiction Writers: For writers we’re looking for the folks with imagination. Whether you’re a scriptwriter, an essayist, or a big idea dreamer, we can use your help. For each piece we find the story behind the art and figure out ways to take history and relate it to the present in an empathetic and personal way. If you enjoy experimenting with writing and thinking, this is the place for you!
·      Sound & Music Artists: For sound & music artists we’re looking for people with sound editing experience (particularly those with experience in Pro Tools or Adobe Audition) or those that are interested in knowing more. This short show is highly produced, meaning we work with multi-layer tracks that blend multiple sounds with one another. For example, we might take an old radio broadcast and blend it with ambient music to produce a certain aesthetic. We love intuitive ideas and creativity. If you’re bold with sound, this is the place for you to experiment.