Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Area of Internship: Event planning; non-profit
Date of Internship: January-May 2012
Location of Internship: Bloomington, IN
Brief Description of Company or Organization: The Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington is dedicated to enabling the youth especially those in need most a place to learn and grow to become a productive and responsible citizens.

Their mission is to create and provide life enhancing programs to the youth where they can grow and establish relationships with the community.
Brief Description of Internship: Responsibilities: 1. As an intern, I will be in charge of assisting the unit director with any event and special projects the club will hold which includes their national event Lemonade Days, internship & job career fair booths, all fundraising events and any other events that the club may hold.

2. One of the largest roles I will partake in is the assistance of building and setting up a tutoring program after school lets out during the week. Here I will be in charge of getting to the club an hour before the program begins to set up the classroom with anything it may need including the lesson plan of the day. Once the director arrives I will be in charge of helping tutor students from an hour to an hour and a half; the students will be age 7-12

3. Over all my time spent at the Boys and Girls club will include assisting the unit director in whatever project that needs completion as well as specializing in the volunteer aspect of tutoring the kids

Contact Information:
Address: 311 South Lincoln
P.O. Box 1716
Bloomington, Indiana
Phone: 812-332-5311