Friday, February 10, 2012


Area of Internship: Public Relations and Marketing
Date of Internship: March-May 2012
Location of Internship: Fort Wayne, IN

Brief Description of Company or Organization: The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Their goals include building a sense of community at the zoo while maintaining family-friendly entertainment for people of all ages.  Their goals also include providing educational information about exotic animals in hopes to connect children and animals and to inspire others to care about animals while strengthening family relationships.

Brief Description of Internship Responsibilities: Assist with creation, promotion, and delivery of special events. Assist with development and set up of fundraising activities.  Assist with writing media releases and articles for zoo publications. Assist with various design projects as needed. Assist members of the education department with programs as needed.

Contact Information:
Address: Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
3411 Sherman Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Phone: 260-427-6828