Friday, February 24, 2012

Summer "Expedition" GEOL-G188 Course to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Students!  Interested in an exciting new way to take an introductory science course in a spectacular field setting?  A new Honors course, offered by the Department of Geological Sciences in conjunction with Collins Living-Learning Center, offer students a unique opportunity for field study in the spectacular volcanic mountains of the Eastern Sierra Nevada.  The course is open to both science and non-science students offers 3 College CASE and GenEd N&M credits. 

Geology G188 (Collins L130) "Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada: Geology and Natural Heritage of the
Long Valley Caldera," offers a hands-on, inquiry-oriented introduction to geological and environmental sciences in some of the most spectacular and geologically active areas of the western U.S. The class is taught by Michael Hamburger, professor of Geological Sciences and John Rupp, research scientist with the Indiana Geological Survey.  The course will be taught in Summer I, and will include a prerequisite seminar class during the second half of the spring semester, followed by a 2-week field trip to the Sierras, May 17 - 31.  Application deadline:  Feb. 27, 2012.

Further information is available at the course web site:

*******************  DEADLINE APPROACHING ************************