Friday, March 2, 2012

LAMP Applications

Dear students,

If you are preparing your application to LAMP it’s important to think about your letters of recommendation now.  Faculty will need time to write these letters and with mid-terms and spring break approaching it’s important to give them time to draft the letters.  So, be sure to contact the appropriate faculty and ask for the letter BEFORE spring break so everyone will have sufficient time. 

Also, as a reminder, it’s best to have these letters come from IU faculty, ideally from classes in which you have distinguished yourself academically.  We also have very good letter from lab leaders, and mentors on the IUB campus.  Letters from employers or high school teachers are less effective as the admissions committee needs to hear about your college work. 

As always, please contact Michael DeNunzio at with any questions about your application.

All the best,
Michael DeNunzio