Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Media@IU: a portal to all things media at Indiana University


Media@IU is a cross-campus collaborative effort of faculty, staff, and students interested and engaged in research, teaching, and creative activity in the broad field of media, communication, and the cultural and creative industries. One of the goals of this project is to provide a portal to resources for teaching, research and creative activities regarding media and communication at IU. The project originated in 2009, and includes graduate students and faculty from all over IU.

 From 2010-2012 a group of volunteer graduate students from Telecommunications, Education, Journalism, and Informatics gathered information and built a database of all things 'media and communication' at Indiana University, available online at: This site intends to provide a portal to all things media at Indiana University, including:
*     over 700 undergraduate and graduate courses related to media and
creative industries regularly offered across the IUB campus, searchable by unit and discipline;
*     over 70 student organizations active on campus, engaging in
activities related to the creative industries (from media production to performing arts);
*     overview and contacts of all the resources related to media and
communication available to students and faculty on the IUB campus;
*     list of companies and professionals in and around the Bloomington
area engaged in media production and management (offering internship and employment opportunities to IU students and graduates).

Currently (2012-2013) the project is in a third phase, where we develop a graduate student and research section for the website (including information on internal and external funding opportunities), and organize an annual Media@IU conference (tentatively scheduled for each Fall semester) where graduate students and faculty present research and creative activity related to media and communication.

As you meet with IU students and faculty across campus, please consider pointing those interested in media - including, but not limited to:
journalism, film and television production, radio, computer and video games, new/mobile/social media, online networks, advertising, marketing communications, and public relations, media management and economics, and the media business - to this cross-campus website. Please let us know whether this resource is helpful in your advising work, and how we can make it better!