Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Optician/Technician Program Options

New Optician/Technician Program Options
Beginning Fall 2012

Introducing a new 2-semester Certificate in Optometric Technology/Opticianry with optional 2-year degree

Optician/Technician Program
2-semester Track:  Certificate in Optometric Technology/Opticianry (29 credits)
2-year Track:  Associate of Science degree in Optometric Technology/Opticianry (60 credits)

Students will have the option to complete a 2-semester certificate in optometric technology/opticianry or build on this same certificate core curriculum (29 credits) to earn a 2-year associate of science degree (60 credits).  The new fast track certificate will allow students to learn marketable skills and enter the workforce more quickly than in the past.  The need for trained personnel in the ophthalmic field and eye care industry is very high.  It is anticipated that the job opportunities and placement rate will be excellent for students completing either track of the program.  The placement rate has been 100% for the past 5 years for the 2-year degree graduates.  The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010-2011Edition), states the job outlook as very good through 2018. 

The 2-year associate of science degree has been in existence since 1972 and will continue to be an option for students.  The new curriculum format will give students the option to gain clinic practical skills and count general education courses toward the associate degree (29 credits from the certificate core curriculum + 31 additional credits to equal 60 credit hours).  The general education courses may be taken prior to or after the completion of the certificate core courses.

For students wanting a 4-year degree, some IU Bloomington schools/departments accept optician/technician program credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

Students learn theoretical concepts and practical skills in the areas of anatomy and physiology of the eye; ophthalmic procedures and testing; office procedures; optical concepts and ophthalmic optics; ophthalmic dispensing; ophthalmic lens laboratory procedures; and contact lenses.

Students must apply and be accepted to Indiana University Bloomington either as a new incoming freshman or as a transfer student; (www.admit.indiana.edu).  In addition, a short separate application must be completed for the Optician/Technician program (same application for both the certificate and the associate degree).  Although most students have completed some college course work before deciding to enter the program, there are no prerequisites.

If this sounds interesting to you or to someone you know, please see the contact information below.

IU School of Optometry, Optician/Technician Program
800 E. Atwater Avenue
Bloomington, IN  47405-3680
Phone: 812-812-855-1917
Fax: 812-855-4389
School website:  www.opt.indiana.edu