Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Area of Internship: Promotions; Media
Date of Internship: May-Aug 2012
Location of internship: New York, NY

Brief Description of Company or Organization:
The YouTube Sports department works with all different aspects of sports and TV agencies. They work to obtain rights as long as come up with strategies to help market and communicate their goals to the public.

Brief Description of Internship Responsibilities:
As a part of Google's BOLD internship I will not only work 40 hours a week but I will also be having key note speakers every Friday. I will be working with teams to come up with creative ideas to better Youtube Sports in general. I will also will assist in relations with sport television providers such as ESPN, CBS, and NBC. As the summer Olympics approach I will be writing proposal for ways to incorporate creative ideas that will appeal to the public along with attract the networks listed above.

Contact Information:
76 Ninth Avenue, Floor 4
New York, NY 10011
Phone:  212-565-3029