Monday, March 5, 2012

SUMMER I: Croatia/International Service Learning

May 11
May 26, Summer I, 2012Undergraduate and Graduate Level: 3 credits

IU School of Social Work
course is opened to graduate and undergraduate students interested in expanding their career opportunities and learn
about community work in areas affected by war. Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to join Croatian
community practice agents and get involved in community development initiatives in areas affected by war; visit
various local and international agencies in Zagreb, Osijek and Vukovar region, and work with social work students from
University of Zagreb. Above all, this international service learning will provide a great venue for our students to develop
networks of learning and prepare students for international social work careers, whether they practice at home or abroad.

Space is limited
is pleased to announce its summer course in international service learning in Croatia. This, so please contact Dr. Luca Sugawara at , if you are interested in such a learning experience.
The estimated program costs for the course is $2,750 not including tuition.