Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beginning jewelry design/metal smithing summer course

S U M M E R 2 0 12

FINA-S 280


GARMAN/MTWTRF 8:00am-12:20pm

This is an introductory course for exploring metalworking

and jewelry as a form of creative expression. Focuses

on the basic techniques of piercing, riveting, soldering,

sheet metal construction, wire forging and forming,

surface embellishment, and forming of sheet metal.

Students will make a brooch, a hollow constructed ring,

and a chain. Slide lectures will be used to inspire and

introduce students to each of the three projects.

Thorough demonstrations will be given of each of the

techniques used for making technical samples and

creative jewelry and metalwork for the projects. Mixed

media is encouraged. Tool kits will be provided. Students

will need to purchase materials, a list of supplies, and

some hand tools.