Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking for an N&M Class? Consider BIOL-L 100 Humans & the Biological World

L100 - Humans & the Biological World

L100 is a 5-credit lecture/lab class for non-science majors.  The class is designed to provide students with a broad overview of biology.  The course covers everything from cell structure and function to photosynthesis to human physiology and ecology.   Students attend two lecture classes (TR 9:30-10:45) and a lab (T 1:25-4:25) per week.  The labs provide a hands-on look at the processes we discuss in lecture, helping students to visualize things better and get a better handle on the material.  L100 is an excellent way to satisfy the 5-credit N&M requirement for all incoming students.  The lab tends to pull up students' grades in the class since there is a strong emphasis on rewarding effort in the lab.  The class is relatively small and there is a lot of individualized help available for students.

Currently there is only one lab offered with this course.  However if enrollment increases, we can open another lab section and increase the lecture enrollment.

L111/L112 vs. L100:

Many non-majors take the 3-credit L111 or L112 (often rather than L100) to fulfill part of their NM requirements or because it fits better into their schedules.  However, both L111 and L112 are part of the biology core curriculum for majors.  While the courses are open to non-majors, they are geared at a much higher level than is L100 in order to provide students with the necessary background for more advanced classes.  In addition to teaching L100, I also teach L111 and L112 classes.  I have had many students take L111 or L112 who do not belong in the class.  They do not have the background and/or the motivation to put into the class the necessary effort to succeed.  While these classes are introductory, they are not geared for non-science majors.   While L100 requires a larger time commitment, it is worth more credits (5 cr. rather than 3) and is geared to non-science majors.

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