Monday, April 23, 2012

Music in African Film Class - Fall 2012

Fall Semester 2012

Music in African Film: Images, Perceptions, and Interpretations

F404 (Class#32519) /E608 (Class#29587)

Tuesdays 8:45am – 11:15pm

Dr. Clara Henderson

Folklore & Ethnomusicology

Music is an integral part of African films and films set in African contexts, whether they are made by Hollywood or by African directors. Music amplifies, underscores, and creates a vital counterpoint to the visual images and action. This course will investigate how various film musics are conceived and interpreted by audiences, composers, and filmmakers, and will explore the significant role of music in creating and defining images and perceptions of Africa and Africans. Films to be viewed and analyzed will be selected from the periods of the 1920s to the 21st century.

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Fulfills Requirement for Area Course and Topics in Folklore/Folklife/Music