Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Intro to Printmaking--CASE A & H No pre-reqs!

FINA-S 240 Beginning Printmaking Media  No prerequisites are required.  Counts as CASE A & H (not General ED)

Summer (session 1)  (May 8th to June 1st)  Monday through Friday, 12:40pm to 5:10pm.

We will go over four processes (Relief woodcut, Lithography, Silkscreen and Metal etching.)  Each process will be studied for a week.   I will also take the class to the museum's print collection to examine prints both classical and contemporary.  We will also go to the Lilly Library and look at their collection.  We will also have group discussions regarding the work that is made during the class. There is NO Requirement to take this class, anyone can enroll.  (Non art majors included) 

This class is worth 3 credits, and after this class is taken,  all the other print classes are open to the student, if he/ she chooses to attend in the future.  I have also attached the flyer to this email. Thank you for your time.

Pitak   napitak@imail.iu.edu