Thursday, May 17, 2012

An unusual N&M class still open this summer!

Do you have students still seeking a CASE N&M to get ahead this summer?  If they have any propensity for language, suggest LING-L 303 Intro to Linguistic Analysis, 6W2 10:20A-12:10P   MTWR   BH 222:

Linguistics 303 (LING L303) is designed to introduce students to the structure and nature of language through linguistic analysis techniques, as well as the theory and assumptions upon which these analyses are built.  Besides being an introduction to linguistic thought, this class will investigate in depth what goes into an utterance, from the production-related patterns of human language (phonetics and phonology) to patterns of words (syntax) and their parts (morphology).

If you have technology-savvy students, linguistic analysis underlies many of the methods used in the field of natural language processing, a rapidly growing area of information technology.  Anything involving language and computers can be better understood with a background in linguistic analysis.

For your social scientists, this course introduces them to the concept of how language underlies a wide range of human interactions, and understanding how language works provides an important extra perspective on human culture.