Friday, August 24, 2012

Announcing IUOS 2012/2013 Internship Program in Sustainability

The IU Office of Sustainability is accepting applications for the

2012/2013 Academic Year Internship Program in Sustainability

Applications are due at 11:59 PM on Friday, September 7, 2012


For information on how to apply, including a full list of internship descriptions, visit:






  • 10-15 hrs/week
  • $9/hr undergraduate and $11/hr graduate
  • October – April


Hiring Timeline:


  • Applications and Recommendations due SEPT. 7th *Note: We strongly advise candidates to send recommendation requests no later than August 31st so evaluators have  enough time to submit their recommendations. Recommendations must be submitted online before you can submit your application.
  • First round reviews: Sept 8 - Sept 17
  • Second round candidates notified for interviews: Sept 19Interviews conducted: Sept 19 – Sept 26
  • Candidates notified: Sept 28



Open Positions:


Mentored by the IU Office of Sustainability



Mentored by the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board



Non-IUOS/CSAB Internship Opportunity





Questions regarding internships or the application process should be directed to Emilie Rex at



About the Program:


The Internship Program in Sustainability uses campus as a living-learning lab, enlisting students as researchers in investigating important questions facing our community, such as:


  • How do the ways in which our campus operates and consumes resources affect the social, environmental and economic well-being of our community?
  • How is our campus’ impact connected to more complicated global issues like
  • climate change, resource scarcity and poverty? 
  •  What opportunities do we have as individuals, institutions, communities, and governments to increase collective social, economic and economic health, and how do we best communicate these opportunities?
  • How will we adapt and ensure all people have the ability to thrive in response to dynamic climate conditions and limitations on resources? 


Through internships co-mentored by staff in operations and faculty members, interns conduct research and develop programming focused on general sustainability outreach and education or in specific topic areas such as food, transportation or resource use.


Resources for Applicants: