Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IDS Weekend Section Looking for Film Columnist

My name is Bridget Ameche and I am an editor, along with Patrick Beane, for the IDS Weekend section. Weekend is the pop culture section of the IDS and currently we are looking for a film columnist. It would require a short column (350-400 words) every other week. If you could forward this on to your CMCL students, we would really appreciate it.

In addition, if anyone is interested in writing reviews for Weekend, they can email us as well and we can inform them of the proper steps to take.

Any students are welcome to email weekend@idsnews.com if they are interested.  (See below for the application!)


Bridget Ameche

Bridget Ameche

IDS Weekend Editor Fall 2012

Indiana Daily Student WEEKEND

Fall 2012

Columnist Application

Please send an attached .doc or .pdf with the following information and questions answered to weekend@idsnews.com





1. What experience do you have with editorial writing for WEEKEND and/or the IDS?

2. What is your column idea? Include one or two alternate angles you might consider. If your proposal is new to WEEKEND, please be specific and detailed in your explanation.

3. Would you be willing to narrow or broaden your topic if we asked?

4. Why are you an authority on your proposed topic?  What do you do on a weekly basis to keep updated with it?

5. Please attach one or two writing samples of relevant work.

6. If you have any backup choices for a column topic, please send answers to 3, 4 and 5 for those as well.