Thursday, October 11, 2012


SPECIAL Invitations from the Political and Civic engagement program -- pace:
Please reply as soon as possible to Space is limited for BOTH of these opportunities!

Effective Leadership in the 21st Century

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m., BU 301

PACE has invited Beth Applegate, organizational development consultant and IU adjunct faculty, to facilitate a workshop on Leadership and Change. It is co-sponsored by the Kelley Institute for Social Impact, whose student advisory board members are also being invited. It will be an evening of activities structured around individual and group skills. This event will embody the PACE goal of bringing theory to practice. Please email if you wish to attend.
**If you have signed up through PACE-C 210 or C211, you already have a reservation.

The session will provide opportunities for participants to practice new skills through the following hands-on activities:

·         Who Are You?: To lead change, leaders must first know themselves.  Participants will leave the session with a map for increasing their ability to know themselves better, therefore empowered to communicate and interact with others more effectively.

·         What’s Your Theory of Change?: Participants will also analyze their own theory of change and better understand how change impacts people.

·         What’s Your Role?: Finally, participants will engage in the exploration of Role Theory.  For leaders to understand and be able to maximize organizational performance, it is important that each member understands and plays the appropriate role at the right time.


Election 2012: Gibbs V Rove

Public Discussion on Political Behavior and the 2012 Election

Thursday, Oct. 18—a group from PACE will attend the event together, sitting in the special VIP reserved section near the front.

We have some more VIP tickets for students to attend this event at the IU Auditorium. PACE Director Michael Grossberg will gather with students at 6:15 PM at the PACE office in Ballantine 132 in order to be at the Auditorium by 6:30. The only way to get these special reserved seats is to let us know that you will be here and then be sure to meet Mike by 6:15 that day. Reply to No bags or signs may be taken into the event.