Friday, October 19, 2012

TOPT-V153 Ophthalmic Dispensing Spring 2013 no prereqs

A Chance to Explore

Optometric Topics and Learn a Marketable Skill!


The IU School of Optometry Optician/Technician Program offers a two-semester certificate and a two-year Associate of Science degree.  Any student may sample optometry-related topics by taking one or more of our courses.  A popular course for spring semester is TOPT-V 153 Ophthalmic Dispensing (3 credits).  No authorization is necessary and there are no prerequisites.  It is a very interesting class, a great way to learn a marketable skill in the optical field and often leads to job opportunities!


Brief Course Description:

Students in this course will learn a practical skill in an area applicable to both optometry and opticianry.  Students enjoy “hands-on” instruction involving a variety of different activities with optical lenses and frames.  No previous experience is necessary and no prerequisites are required.


TOPT-V 153 Ophthalmic Dispensing* (3 cr.) (Offered spring only)

Schedule for spring 2013

Lecture #20096                       3-3:50 pm M W, room OPT 111

Discussion #20097                  4-4:50 pm M, room OPT 111

Lab Section #20098                 1:30-3:20 pm T R, room OPT 113  


Lab Section #23946                 3:30-5:20 pm TR, room OPT 113

*Note: If taking this as an elective, this course may or may not count toward your specific degree requirements.  Check with your school advisor for verification.


For more information about this course, the certificate or AS degree:

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