Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Consider Taking a Latino Studies Course!

Q: What's up with Latinos?

A: The numbers


50.5 million = number of Latinas and Latinos in the United States 

$1 trillion = annual consumer spending of U.S. Latinos

49 percent = Latino growth in the Midwest, 2000 to 2010

1-in-4 = proportion of Latinos in America's grade schools

2 million = number of Latinas and Latinos attending college

20 percent = Latinos in the U.S. population, ages 18-24


To learn more about the growing Latino population, its history, cultures, and political future, take a Latino Studies course!


Did you know? 


Latino Studies courses can:

A) meet your GE requirements (at the 100 and 200 levels)

B) meet your "Diversity in the US" requirement

C) complement your academic and personal interests

D) prepare you for a profession in a diverse society


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