Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy to Miss Spring 2013 course on Religion and Animals (REL-R 202)

Lisa Sideris, who is a popular professor for REL-R 170 Religion, Ethics, and Public Life, is offering a special class on religion and animals in Spring 2013.  This class is appropriate for any student, and would be appropriate for freshman and sophomores wanting an intriguing CASE (but not GenEd) A&H class that examines the relationship of humans and animals from a variety of perspectives (e.g. how human are animals and how animal are humans, the ethical status of keeping pets, the role of animals in mythological and other texts, etc.). A full faculty-provided description of the class is available under the “details” tab in class search.
Unfortunately students might miss this class since it is being offered as a REL-R 202 course, which is an infrequently used number by the department.
William E. Smith III, PhD
Academic Advisor for American Studies, India Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies
College of Arts & Sciences
Indiana University-Bloomington