Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is law school worth the price? Lecture / Q & A Session: "Law School in the Age of Anxiety"

This message is for any student considering the possibility of law school in the future.  Questions/want more information?  Contact HPPLC at or 812.855.1873. 

Given the high tuition costs and the struggle to find a job upon graduation, is a law school education still a good investment?  Many critics have responded with a resounding "no!"   Are you thinking about law school?  Don't know what to say to people who discourage you from this path?  One major voice has continued to defend the value of a legal education.

The Health Professions and Prelaw Center invites you to join the renowned legal expert Dean Lawrence Mitchell of Case Western Reserve University School of Law for PIZZA on February 5 as he speaks on “Law School in an Age of Anxiety.”  Dean Lawrence Mitchell has spoken persuasively in the NY Times (his provocative op-ed "Law School Is Worth the Money" garnered much debate as well as criticism) and in other media across the country about how law school can still be a worthwhile, solid investment.  His comments have brought him a national audience.  IU is very fortunate indeed that Dean Mitchell has agreed to speak at our campus!

Dean Mitchell will further bring his expertise to the discussion of HOW AND WHY TO PICK A LAW SCHOOL IN TODAY’S ECONOMY.  Tough Q&A will follow.  This is truly a unique opportunity.  If you are serious about law school, you should at least consider what Dean Mitchell has to say.  

When:  Tuesday, February 5, noon to 1:30 PM  (feel free to arrive late or leave early if you must)
Where:  IMU Maple Room
Why:  unique, important information to consider.  And free pizza (in an informal setting)!
NO registration necessary.  Informal attire is fine.

Dean Mitchell will also introduce you to Case Western’s programs, including their focus on experiential learning, global learning opportunities and their strong health, business, and law, technology and the arts programs. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Dean Mitchell, learn more about law school and enjoy lunch. We look forward to seeing you on February 5th!

Health Professions and Prelaw Center