Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Need to meet a language requirement in less than a year? DUTCH

2 semesters of Dutch this summer then third semester in the fall and fourth semester spring 2014.


Eight Weeks of Dutch this Summer!

Undergraduate students: Ger-BE 100, 8 credits

Graduate students: Ger-BE401, 6 credits

When: May 7 - June 28, 2013

What: complete first year of Dutch

Where: Indiana University Bloomington

Why: fun and interesting class!

taught by a native speaker (Professor Esther Ham)

MTWRF from 10.20 am-12.10 pm

MW from 4.10 pm-5.40pm extra activities

strong cultural component

meets FLAS requirements


Due to potential semester-schedule conflicts between IU and other institutions, the first week of this course can be done via online meetings with the instructor.

Need to meet a language requirement in less than a year?

Undergraduate: Register for course # Ger-BE100 this summer

Graduate: Register for course# Ger-BE401 this summer

Continue in fall 2013 (N200) and spring 2014 (N250) and fulfill your language requirement by May 2014


At IU you can learn Dutch to achieve a wide range of goals, for example, enhancement of qualifications for international business, exploration or cultivation of family heritage, direct access to a prominent cultural tradition, and skill acquisition for research in academic fields such as European history and art history.

The Netherlands:

one of the largest investors in the US

location of 49% of the Fortune 500 companies’ European distribution centers

US’s 9th largest export market

location of the International Court of Justice in the Hague


Dutch is spoken by approximately 23,000,000 people in:

The Netherlands, Aruba, the Antilles, Belgium (Flanders) and Suriname

The Dutch Minor at IUB in 16 hours

N150 (4 credits), N200 (3 credits), N250 (3 credits),

E341 and E342 (3 credits each, taught in English)

Other Dutch courses: N300 (3 credits) and N330(3 credits), and E343 (3 credits)

More information: www.iub.edu/~sdi Or contact: Esther Ham (eham@indiana.edu)

West European Studies (west@indiana.edu