Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Fall 2013 Themester course that lets you analyze your own Facebook data!

New Fall 2013 Themester course that lets you analyze your own Facebook data!


STAT S201 – NETWORKS 2.0: Quantitative Literacy


Prerequisite: STAT-S 100 (or any introductory statistics course) or permission of instructor

5:45-7:00pm Tuesday/Thursday PY 228


What do you think it would look like if you put all your Facebook

friends on a big piece of paper and drew lines connecting everyone

who was *your* friend with everyone who was also your boyfriend’s

or your girlfriend's friends?


Then, what if, on this same piece of paper, you connected everyone who was a

friend of your friends?  Where and how would you place them on this big piece

of paper? Are there distinct groups of people who are friends with each other?

Are there people in your social circles who have few friends in common with you?


In the field of network science we call these kinds of relationships “networks.” 

In this class you will use your own Facebook data to learn how to answer

these and other interesting questions about your social networks. For example: what

characteristics ("likes" in FB terms) are common among your friends in one group but

not another?  which group do you have more connections with?  do all your friends

tend to "like" the same things as you? as each other?  are you similar to your friends’

friends or are you connected to them simply because you have friends in common? 

are your male friendships connected differently than your female friendships? 

Join us in Networks 2.0 as we explore these and other network-related topics.