Monday, April 1, 2013

New Folklore Class for Fall: FOLK-F 252 Urban Legend

FOLK-F 252 Urban Legend
course #33166
9:05-9:55am  MW + discussion


Stories of Kentucky fried rats, poodles in a microwave, kidneys stolen for the human organ black market, and bizarre gang initiations, are examples of the popular narrative tradition of “urban legend”.   Often macabre, fantastic, horrific and sometimes hilarious, urban legends are modern adaptations of much older stories told in daily discourse, and depicted in television, film and novels.  This course explores the defining features of urban legend, their cultural history, themes and their role as cultural commentary, their cultural fascination and impact, and their popularity on the internet, in the news and in popular culture.

No previous knowledge of folklore is required; this class is suitable for freshmen. All are welcome!