Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Growth opportunity for Students - Reach Out Volunteers

Change the world,
one village at a time...
Become a volunteer over your summer or winter break and change the world by providing shelter for homeless families, crèches for young children, or green houses for families living high up in the Andes. Help protect and save endangered Asian elephants, African rhinos, cheetahs and leopards through tracking, monitoring and providing safe, vegetated refuge for future breeding.
You could even live on a tropical island off the coast of Cambodia where you will get your scuba diving license on program and scuba dive everyday to build the biggest man made coral reef in the world!
You will beome a part of the team, and will also become a valued member of the community. Reach Out Volunteers prides itself on making sure that you become involved in the culture of the local people. You will leave with a fulfilling sense of accomplishment and take with you a part of an exotic and unique culture.
Want to find out more?
Come to our information sessions:
Tuesday the 27th of August in the      
IMU Building, Sassafras room, 
Between Noon and 4PM 
This is a great way to meet past volunteers and learn about their experiences and what you could be doing this summer.
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Watch one of our projects below to see the difference you can make.
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Reach Out Volunteers
Change the world, one village at a time.

United Kingdom
# 19, Unit 2, Chillingham Road Ind Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE62XX
United States of America
2954 North Campbell, #341, Tucson, Arizona, 85719
10654 82nd Ave, Suite 693, Edmonton, AB,T6E2A7
P.O. Box 724, Spit Junction, NSW 2088 Australia.
Phone: UK: +44 033 0001 5302
Phone USA/Can: +1 877 576 1564
Phone Australia: +61 2 8006 1934

E-mail: info@rovolunteers.com
Web: www.rovolunteers.com

Reach Out Volunteers:
Changing the world, one village at a time.

Reach Out Volunteers