Thursday, August 29, 2013



Area of Internship: Advertising/Production
Date of Internship: May-Aug 2013
Location of Internship: Burbank, CA

Brief Description of Company or Organization:
Tiny Hero was started in 2011 by two former Disney executives, one of whom is an IU alum. This brand new company is a full-service provider of creative advertising to clients in film, television, and home entertainment. We specialize in producing movie trailers, teasers, television spots, along with music, graphics, title design, and advertising and editorial materials. Some of our clients include Disney, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, and ABC. We are based in Burbank, CA right next to all the major studios.

Brief Description of Internship Responsibilities: As an intern, jobs included
answering phones maintaining the office (i.e. picking up trash and keeping workspaces organized) running deliveries to clients managing the vault (all of the tapes and drives and movies) transcribing scripts tracking (super important work that keeps us up to date on competition/trends/who's who/etc) assistant editorial work: prepping FCP projects, breakdowns, bite logs.

Contact Information:
Tiny Hero
2402 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506