Monday, October 28, 2013

Need a ONE CREDIT Elective? Consider AMID-C 480.

I would like to share with you three 1 credit cross-campus classes offered through the AMID (Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design) department inside the College of Arts and Sciences available for undergraduates and graduate students alike. These classes are offered throughout the Spring 2014 semester and have no pre-requisites; students will spend three days in the class and on Saturday will travel to Columbus, IN.
For more information on the courses please contact the course instructor Professor Kevin Lair (


Design Innovations [Wicked Problems]


Workshop I-  January 24th 5-8pm, January 25th 9-6pm, January 26th 12-6pm


Design thinking is the application of design sensibilities and methods regardless of the subject or context. This term has gained wide interest in business and other areas as a driver for innovation and business growth. Design disciplines should be applied appropriately in the service of “rule bending innovation” as asserted by Marty Neumeir. The core competency of design is in the service of addressing what Horst and Rittel defined as “wicked problems”. Wicked problems” are complex, dynamic and contextual.


The first workshop introduces the concepts of design innovations and wicked problems. The presentation will demonstrate design innovation to address a current wicked problem. The second workshop will introduce the wicked problem of creating affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare for all.



Design Innovations [Personal Health Management]

Workshop II -  February 21st 5-8pm, February 22nd 9-6pm, February 23rd 12-6pm


The second workshop will introduce the wicked problem of creating affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare for all. One of the primary goals of healthcare is to develop preventive care and patient-centric models. Patients who take greater shared responsibility can greatly lower the cost and improve health outcomes. The patient-centric model is based on healthcare providers giving patients the support, information and motivational tools to adhere to medical needs and healthy lifestyles. This is also referred to as “personal health management” (PHM)


The Innovation Center at Columbus Regional Health (CRH) - CRH are experts in healthcare delivery and through their new Innovation Center will be pursuing new ways that expand and enhance how healthcare is provided to the people in the region. CRH will be our community partners for this workshop as we use design thinking in the context of healthcare. The “wickedness” of personal health management is based on the complexity of shifting business models, coordinating diverse stakeholders, adopting new practices, and supporting behavior change that is customized for each individual.  The culmination of the workshop will be a presentation to CRH leaders. The presentation will demonstrate design innovation to address personal health management.


Design Innovations [mHealth and WiGiT]

Workshop III -  April 4th 5-8pm, April 5th 9-6pm, April 6th 12-6pm


In the Health Institutes publication “Healthcare Unwired” the potential of mobile health (mHealth) is described: “mobile health could provide needed connections: for patients who delay care because they’re too busy to wait in a doctors office; for physicians who don’t have enough time to spend with patients; for device companies that want to monitor the performance of their devices; for pharmaceutical companies that want to ensure patients are taking the medicines they need; for hospitals that don’t have the capital to build more beds.” Our focus in Design Innovations [mHealth and WiGiT] will be creating a regional system for personal health management leveraging the potential of mHealth.


mHealth and PHM face the challenge of how to share private information and bridge between professional and non-professional care communities. We will explore the potential of secure sharing of any digital device, application or resource through the innovation of Wireless Grids. The Wireless Grids Innovation Testbed (WiGiT) is an organization composed of many schools, businesses and government groups to support the development of open specifications for wireless communication. The culmination of the workshop will be a presentation to CRH, WiGiT and other experts. The presentation will demonstrate design innovation in advancing the potential of mHealth in the Columbus community.