Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PACE Issues Forum (PACE-C 400, 1 cr) - National Security: America’s Role in the World

The program in Political and Civic Engagement holds an annual Issue Forum, the spring semester class PACE-C 400 – a one-credit course that meets only one day and which has pre- and post-Forum assignments.


This year’s topic is National Security: America’s Role in the World. Trained student moderators lead small group deliberation and there will be an expert panel that interacts with the large group during the Forum.


Participants from different majors and schools contribute to the diversity of perspectives that make the Forum a rich experience in democratic deliberation. The majority of students from last year’s forum reported that they were more optimistic about ‘politics’ after their deliberation practice.


The Forum will be held on Saturday afternoon, February 22, in Woodburn Hall. Students may enroll now in PACE-C 400, class #24978.


Further information on the PACE certificate program is at I’d be glad to answer any questions.

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Joelene Bergonzi, Associate Director

Political and Civic Engagement Program -- PACE

Indiana University, Ballantine Hall 132