Monday, November 25, 2013

Still Need an Intensive Writing Class? Consider THTR-T468 Asian Performance

T468: Asian Performance

Mondays and Wednesdays - 9:30-10:45am

Taught by: Dr. Jennifer Goodlander

COLL Intensive Writing section                 

COLL (CASE) Global Civ & Culture credit                 

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit


Beautiful masks and ritual puppets… Dancing and chanting… Ornate costumes and exotic make up…


The theatres of Asia are vast and varied in their styles and contexts.  Did you know a puppeteer can make holy water in Bali?  Or that butoh dancers in Japan explore emotion and memory through their slow movements?  Or some actors in India put chili peppers in their eyes to make the whites turn red for performance?


This course will introduce many of the forms of theatre performed throughout Asia today.  In doing so we will examine the aesthetics, beliefs, politics, and cultural context associated with these performance forms in order to trouble the dichotomy between traditional/contemporary and therefore expand our knowledge of Asia and its performance practices.  In this course we will:

  • Increase knowledge of major figures and examples of Asian performance.
  • Develop skills and vocabulary for understanding Asian performance.
  • Foster an awareness of theatre as a social institution, which reflects cultural, economic, political, and spiritual trends of the day.
  • Continue to question and re-define the nature and purpose of theatre.


No experience in theatre or Asia is required! 


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