Thursday, December 12, 2013

NEW for Spring: ANTH-A 200 Bike Racing, Doping and International Sport

Newly Added for Spring 2014


ANTH-A 200 Bike Racing, Doping and International Sport


Meets IUB GenEd S&H and COLL (CASE) S&H


In recent years the international sport of bike racing has come under scrutiny for the ubiquity of performance enhancing drugs.  However, doping is only one aspect of a 130 year cultural history of bike racing which has been used to further political agendas, challenge racism and as a tool of colonialism.  This course will examine the cultures and institutions of professional bike racing from its early beginnings through its attempt to recover from the Lance Armstrong scandal in 2013.  The course will primarily focus on Western Europe, but will also include significant material on the United States and Latin America. 

Students will be able to see the ways cyclesport is a culture unto itself but also reflects specific national cultures and embodies historic moments.




Seats Added -- This course was closed.  We've been able to add enough seats to accommodate all those who were on the waitlist and have provided room for additonal students who would like to enroll.


ANTH-A 208 Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll


Meets IUB GenEd A&H and COLL (CASE) A&H


Do you feel like a punk?  Do you wonder what an "ethical slut" is?  Are hallucinogens illegal because they open the mind and somebody prefers to leave it closed?  In short:  Are you interested in the subversive culture that surrounds Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll?  If so, you should take this course.  In it we try to answer these and other provocative questions by taking proposing to take them on as legitimate academic inquiry.  First, we introduce ourselves to various theoretical perspectives that shed light on the reasons for and inherent contradictions within forms of cultural expression and social practice that claim to be subversive.  Second, we divide the remainder of the course into three broad sections - (1) Sex (2) Drugs and (3) Rock-n-Roll - in order to examine in detail particular kinds of subversive subcultures in their cultural and historical context.  This includes not only various edgy rock subcultures like punk, extreme metal, rave, and goth.  It also includes subcultures that grow up around illicit substances (i.e. street dealer/addict subcultures/club cultures/hallucinogenic subcultures) and anti-normative sexual practices like modern polygamy/polyamory, alternatives to mainstream pornography, and BDSM.  Finally, we undertake this study of subversive subcultures from an inherently anthropological point of view:  meaning we visit subcultures in various global contexts (US, Europe, Latin America, Africa, etc.) and learn how to think about them in a broad global context.