Monday, February 17, 2014

A Service-Learning Course: EDUC-F401 Literacy and Leadership in Rwanda (Spring 2014 Class, Summer 2014 Service Trip)

EDUC-F401 Literacy and Leadership in Rwanda – A Service-Learning Course (3 cr.) (W, 7:00–9:00 pm, FQ 012A) (Sec. #33072) Instructors: Vera Marinova and Beth Samuelson

The Literacy and Leadership course prepares students for an international summer service-learning trip to work with an English summer camp (Kabwende Holiday Camp) in Kinigi, Rwanda. The 8-week session will address service ethics, history, culture, and politics, language, and training for camp instructors. The Spring 2014 semester section of the course serves as an introduction to Rwandan culture and pre-departure orientation for interested students.  The course will be followed by a one-month-long service trip that will take place during the summer term (July 13 – August 10). For details or to enroll in the course, please contact Vera Marinova,