Friday, February 28, 2014

Application to the School of Social work

As the deadline for applications to the School of Social Work is April 1, I thought it would be helpful to address questions you might get from students.   

Students can apply to the school after completing 12 credit hours. They must also have either completed S141 Introduction to Social Work, or are currently enrolled in this class.  

The minimum GPA to apply is 2.5, but if students have a lower GPA, they can submit a form that is included in the application explaining the reason for a low GPA and how a student expects they can raise their GPA.   We often accept students with a GPA below 2.5 if their explanation adequately addresses their academic progress. 

While GPA is important, we do not base admissions only on a student’s GPA and we do not start with the highest GPA and work down from there.  There are several components to the application and we consider all of them.  We also give more weight to grades in social work classes than, for example, a math class.  Finally, we do look at trends. If a student had a rough semester, but shows steady improvement, that is more important than the overall GPA. 

All applications received by April 1st are reviewed after spring semester grades are official.  Students learn if they are accepted to the school or not by late May.  This means that students will register for the fall semester classes before knowing if they have been accepted.  It is especially important for students who are sophomores to come to the school for advising so we can help them decide what classes to register for. 

If students have specific questions about the application process, please refer them to the school.  There is always someone available to answer questions.  To set an appointment they can call 855-4427. 


Thanks for your assistance.


Bruce McCallister

Lecturer/Student Outreach Coordinator