Monday, March 17, 2014

Parents, Peers, and Pressures: Balancing Life as a Prehealth Student

Parents, Peers, and Pressures: Balancing Life as a Prehealth Student

(for all prehealth students)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM at Psychology Room 100


Students and alumni pursuing admission to any type of competitive admission health program are invited to attend the following event:

If you feel stressed out about the competitive nature of being admitted to health professions programs, you are not alone! Often adding to preprofessional students' own anxieties, and the pressures students put on themselves, are pressures felt from parents, who often have their own perspective on what the best path is for their student; and pressures preprofessional students feel when they compare themselves to other students on similar career paths.

In this session, co-presented by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center and IU Counseling and Psychological Services, we will present concrete ideas you can implement to reduce your level of preprofessional anxiety:
--Constructive ways to respond to the pressures of being a very busy preprofessional student, who must also be academically successful beyond what many of your peers must achieve;
--Constructive ways to respond to the pressure and sense of competition you might feel in relation to peers who might be applying to the same professional programs as yourself;
--Specific ways to cope with the stress that often comes with changing (or even thinking about changing) your career path - changes which are sometimes unexpected, or even unwanted (e.g., when students realize they will not be competitive for admission, or find themselves unanchored when they realize they've been on the "wrong" path);
--Specific language you can use if you feel parental or peer pressure to pursue a path you don't feel best suits your own talents, interests, or career goals.

The focus in this session is on providing very concrete and specific solutions you can put into action. Reducing your level of preprofessional anxiety can lead to making better personal, academic, and career decisions, and can also help you more fully enjoy your undergraduate experience!

It is okay if you must arrive late or leave early.


Questions: HPPLC, 812.855.1873,