Monday, April 21, 2014

Social Work Elective fall '14

I wanted to let you know about an social work elective called Substance Abuse and Social Services that I developed and have taught at IUB for many years. The course is geared towards those who are interested in going into helping professionals. In addition to my my position at IU I am also a clinical addiction therapist, providing substance abuse counseling to individuals, couples, groups and families for over 20 years. The course is well received  and I would be happy to provide referrals from former students. Also Ms. Mary Lou Kennedy Hosek ( currently senior academic advisor for political science would be would be happy to provide a recommendation as she has had many of her students take my class.


Below is a course overview:

The purpose of this course is to give students an overview of the field of addiction (alcohol & drugs) including discussion of several conceptual models and theories. The course focuses on self-help groups, assessment procedures, and current intervention strategies. Students are given an opportunity to explore special issues in the field among oppressed minorities and  their findings with other students. Emphasis will also be placed on introducing students to the particular culture and ideologies that contribute to the provision of services in the field of addictions.  A brief overview on other addictions (gambling, sex, food) will be presented

Judy L. Malschick

Associate Faculty

Indiana University

School of Social Work

1127 Atwater

Bloomington, IN. 47401